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So turn it up, as loud as you can make it go ‘Cause love is on the radio.

"I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that I know I have the worst YouTube name on YouTube (tommcflytwitter). Maybe that’s why i like it. You know it’s like: ‘Yeah! I did that on purpose’. I didn’t do on purpose.

"If I could I would make love to all of our fans, but there’s not enough time"

Danny had arranged a five-course meal and had the engagement ring hidden under the table. He asked Georgia when she wanted to get married. She replied, "Well, when you bloomin’ propose." , And then he said "What about if I do it now?" With that, she put her head in her hands, started bawling and when she looked up he was down on one knee in front of her, with tears billowing out of his eyes, and said, "Will you be my future Mrs. Jones?".

@tommcfly: Master of the universe, mediocre guitarist in Mcfly, generally lame, occasionally awesome, cat owner, pooping dinosaur tamer, time lord and husband.